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David Dodson has been active for twenty-five years in the management and formation of new businesses. After graduating from Stanford MBA, as a case writer he wrote the original course material for search funds—then in its infancy. After one year as a case writer, Dodson raised his own search fund, which led to the purchase of a company in 1989. He subsequently raised two more search funds that resulted in acquisitions, and has served as CEO of a technology manufacturer and Executive Chairman a telecommunications firm. Dodson is an active investor, investing in over forty businesses. 

Mr. Dodson has been a director in twenty-one companies, and currently serves on the board of: Teton Gravity Research, Wind River Environmental, Eyewitness Surveillance, Innflux LLC, and Carillon Assisted Living. He is active in three non-profit boards: U.S. Fund for UNICEF (Regional), Project Healthy Children, and Sanku LLC. He is completing his first novel and teaches three courses at the Stanford Graduate School of Business: "Managing Growing Enterprises", "Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition", and "Managerial Skills".

David is a graduate of Stanford University (Economics ’83, MBA ‘87), and a frequent guest for New Ventures and Managing Growing Enterprises courses, and a former case writer (1988). David Dodson is on the faculty of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University teaching classes on entreprenurship and managing growing enterprises. He also is the CEO of Project Healthy Children, a non-profit organization with five offices in Africa and Asia which focuses on micronutrient malnutrition.

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